Sports Vision

If you’re in the Orlando, FL area and you need information on sports vision or you want to have testing done to improve the quality of your vision, Advanced Optical is here to help. Testing for sports vision is a way to help athletes determine how well their eyes perform and if improvements can be made. This kind of optometry evaluation goes beyond the standard tests for eyes, which are only designed to see objects and letters on a chart. Sports vision testing takes this evaluation further, and can help enhance visual function.

While sports vision testing often varies depending on the specific needs of an athlete, it’s generally designed to assess abilities in areas such as hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, and depth perception. If you are a local athlete, and you want to improve your performance in your chosen sport, Dr. Anderson can help you get the vision testing and knowledge you need.

Sports Vision Training Can Increase Athletic Performance

The first test for sports vision training will be the standard Snellen Eye Chart. That’s the one that’s commonly used for typical visual acuity information. You’ll be asked to read specific lines, and depending on the ones you can read, we can determine if you first need vision correction or not. That’s not the only test for athletes, though.

Contrast sensitivity also matters. During that test, you’ll need to identify gray strips on colorful backgrounds. As the test goes along, the backgrounds get closer to matching the shades of the stripes. If you have low contrast sensitivity, especially in times of low lighting, you may find that it’s not as easy for you to track objects. That could affect your athletic ability, since you may have more trouble seeing something coming at you, such as a ball. There are solutions for this problem, though, depending on the specific vision needs you have.

The Importance of Ocular Alignment and Dominance

Ocular alignment tests, such as the Hirschberg test, are also important where sports vision is concerned. This test is designed to evaluate how well your eyes work together. If your eyes have alignment problems, they can be detected by analyzing specific points on the cornea where you see reflections. Dr. Anderson also recommends tests for eye dominance. These tests, taken together, can help you address sports vision issues more easily.

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